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Devoted to the future of you.

We see great things in your future. A high-paying career in healthcare or education. A head start in emerging fields like data and esports.

Carlow offers plenty of options, and a safe and supportive place to begin.

Carlow offers awards up to $5,000 for first-year traditional undergraduate students!

Awards may be combined with Merit scholarships and institutional grants.

Carlow Opportunities

Overcome any obstacle and take your place in the world.

Tierra Robertson knows that her walk across the Carlow graduation stage and certification as a Pre K - 4 teacher has involved a few detours and delays. That makes her arrival all the more joyful.

“My goal is to be the educator that I would want my sons to have.”

Connect to internships, clinical rounds, and countless real-world experiences.

Brittany Stone-Jenkins has traveled halfway around the world, and home again in pursuit of a BSN nursing degree and a better life for herself and her son.

“I’m determined to be the person I always thought that I could be.”

Carlow Confidence

Experience a close-knit campus willing to take on the big challenges of the world.

Andrew Pallus imagines himself one day working among the FBI’s 500 scientific experts and special agents at the main crime laboratory at Quantico.

“I believe that dreams become reality when you get involved.”

Claim Your Carlow Difference

Carlow: In the Heart of All the Action

Scholarships & Financial Aid


Ninety percent of Carlow students receive financial support, and we’re happy to show you how we can make Carlow affordable and fit with your finances. Please contact us for details.

Come as you are.
Leave with all that you dream to be.

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